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Brooke Dexter
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Gowanus Studio Space / 166 7th St
Gowanus Studio Space

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Gowanus Studio Space / 166 7th St
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Gowanus Studio Space
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Brooke Dexter is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is influenced by her architectural background. Typically working between printmaking and bending neon, she draws inspiration from cartography, information-based patterns, and snail mail. Working out of the Gowanus Studio Space, she screenprints and letterpresses her prints under the name Datum Press (@datumpress). She received both her M.Arch and B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan. During her studies, her projects included turning PVC pipe into handrail, hot glue into a 3D dress form, tile spacers into a textile, recycled 3D printed plastic into architectural joints, and airbrushed low density foam into an inhabitable weeble wobble.
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