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Cindy Zaglin
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Sasaki Studio / 24 Garfield Pl

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Sasaki Studio / 24 Garfield Pl
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I've been painting for more than 30 years and creating art in some form since early childhood. My current work has evolved from a representational depiction of subject matter, to an exploration of color and space and how that creates an emotion. My goal is not to reproduce an exact likeness of my subjects. I use clean, vivid colors, in a variety of mediums, to engage the viewer and move the eye around the canvas. My work is less concerned with being able to identify the subject matter and more concerned with using color, light and positive/negative space to connect with my subject and hopefully stir something in the viewer. Whether I'm painting landscapes plein air, working from live models, or creating compositions from reference photos, the goal is always the same – create works that are emotionally honest, come from my core and express the joy, happiness, sadness, anger – whatever it was that drew me to the subject to begin with. My hope is that whoever is looking at my work is carried along on the same wave of emotion that initially drove me to create the piece.
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