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Tegan Brozyna Roberts
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Textile Art Center / 505 Carroll Street
TAC Gallery

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Textile Art Center / 505 Carroll Street
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TAC Gallery
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My artwork is a foil to the turmoil that I see in the world around me as well as a celebration of the beauty that can be found the small things that are often overlooked. The contours of a sidewalk crack, the multicolored strata of paint on an old fence and even uninhibited scribbles on a discarded piece of paper become the genesis for my work. Exploring in this way allows me to better experience the intimate in the immense landscape by breaking down its complexity. My work centers around the desire to repair and to create harmony. I dissect and cut paper forms, which are then pieced, woven or bound together to create a new whole. This is akin to stones accumulating into a mountain. Working meditatively, compositions grow organically through a dialogue between colors as they vibrate against and harmonize with each other. Material and process inform my studio practice. Although trained as a painter, I borrow from the traditions and language of textiles. I am particularly inspired by the generations of seamstresses in my family who embraced the quilting tradition of reusing fabric remnants. Pieces of clothing and everyday textiles reflect their origins even as they are reassembled into something new. I am fascinated by the concept that materials retain memory. By incorporating old work, scraps and found paper, my collages preserve the history of their making while also continuing to feed into a larger generative process.
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