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Hannah Birch-Carl
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19th Street Workspace / 93 19th St
4th floor

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19th Street Workspace / 93 19th St
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4th floor
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Hannah currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. She has been showing and selling her art in both New York and California since 2016. In her paintings she explores the similarities of various natural patterns, effectively blurring the lines between formations in stone, clouds, fire and smoke. With these patterns she turns abstract swathes of color into supernatural and intricately crystalline landscapes that attempt to invoke simultaneously a sense of childlike wonder and existential drama. She is influenced by the elaborately illustrative styles of Kay Nielsen and Boris Vallejo as well as the fauna, flora, and natural stone formations of the Sierra Nevada mountains where she was raised. In sculpture she works heavily with found objects and recycled materials, owing to her childhood tendency to take things apart and reuse materials from older creations when art supplies were scarce. She employs these materials to engineer bizarre and fantastical figurines while exploring the themes of waste, overproduction, feminine sexuality, theology, death, mythology, mental illness and environmentalism with at times a wry sense of humor that she considers to be the very core of her being.
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