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Janie Samuels
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Unknown3 / 300 7th Street
Ossam Gallery at J Collabo, Main and 3rd floors

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Unknown3 / 300 7th Street
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Ossam Gallery at J Collabo, Main and 3rd floors
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My painting, although derived from the media and personal photos, is intended to reference broader topics. The work is a dialogue, often a response to recurrent global or contemporary issues. The “refugee paintings” in particular have been a regular thread running through my work for the past thirty years. My photographic gel transfer and oil on panel and glass works grew out of my interest in manipulating both my drawings and photographs on the computer and reworking them by hand in pastel or oils. The photographs are manipulated in Photoshop, printed and transferred to panels, absorbed by the gel medium and the remaining paper stripped away. The panels are then painted in oil and varnished.
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