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Lara Saget
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Trestle Studio Space / 62 18th St
Unit 3-2

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Trestle Studio Space / 62 18th St
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Unit 3-2
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My work makes materially visible the limitations of logic. My practice is fueled by the belief that not all facts are absolute. I start with rock and historic sourced Tuckahoe marble, potently compressed matter. I don’t know where the matter has been or who has held it before me. I trap rock and historic sourced Tuckahoe marble in glass and metal. Logically, the heat of the rock and the marble crack the glass and the heat of the metal crack the rock or marble. However, I have found that this is not always the case. When heated to the same degree, the materials co-habitate. The separation between them is circumstantial, temporary. I introduce glass to tree, to the oldest tree I know. Glass burns tree, paralyzing its remains. Maybe trees speak a language that humans have gone deaf to. There may be no answers, nothing concrete to hold onto. But there are patterns; my charge is to distill the patterns in order to reveal new archetypes and, in doing so, crystallize the transience of certainty.
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