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Lynn Cole
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69 2nd Avenue
King Killer Studios (enter 100 8th St.)

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69 2nd Avenue
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King Killer Studios (enter 100 8th St.)
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Artist Statement
For Gowanus Open Studios 2021 I am showing personal works from life, many with a focus on environment. They include images from nature (trees as keepers of carbon; birds endangered by environmental collapse; a fracked mountain) and collages that include found objects from my yard and compost bin, images from vintage magazines, and swatch book samples from my graphic design work. In several there are rubber stamp marks that are ancient Chinese characters expressing positivity (Peace, Strength, Wisdom) while others include tiny, almost hidden letters reflecting feelings about our current environmental situation. All pieces include some combination of watercolor, rubber stamp, pencil and collage and are a joy to create. Lynn Cole
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