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Mariel Tepper
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Gowanus Creative Studios / 117 9th St
Second floor, Room 244

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Gowanus Creative Studios / 117 9th St
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Second floor, Room 244
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I'm most inspired by shadows. From the silhouette of trees on my bedroom wall at night to sharp angles cast by the flickering of a candle, there are so many mysteries to unearth in the realm of light and dark. My work aims to follow those mysteries, through the exploration of dreams, ideas, and real moments from my everyday life. I work primarily with ink, watercolor, and acrylic paint, as well as linoleum block prints. I allow my emotions and memories to guide me while exploring my surroundings, including my childhood home in the suburbs of Staten Island. My goal is to uncover what lies beneath surface reality, and I invite viewers to take the journey with me.
Mixed Media
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