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Paige Beeber
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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine St
Third Floor, Studio 90

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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine St
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Third Floor, Studio 90
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Paige Beeber’s mixed-media paintings relay a sense of compulsion and urgency that address the uncertainty of living in the wake of a global pandemic. Utilizing her studio as a place of refuge and respite throughout lockdown, Beeber’s recent body of works echoes the vivid interiority of her process. Each painting is an instinctual, methodical, and layered construction of gestures and mediums. Beeber’s playfully “kitchen sink” ethos prioritizes chroma and obliterates all hierarchies between the oil paint, acrylic, ink, dye, pastel, or spray paint she employs. While lush pours, impetuous gestures, and meditative mark-making denote the enigmatic passage of time. Beeber received her BFA from Alfred University in 2015. Soon after graduation, she relocated to New York City. Her work garnered recognition through solo exhibitions at Sweet Lorraine Gallery in 2018, Arts+Leisure in 2020, at Freight+Volume in 202, and is currently exhibiting her first European solo exhibition at Dante Street Gallery in Sicily, Italy. Beeber’s paintings have also been shown nationally and internationally in group exhibitions such as Velvet Ropes, Soulland, Copenhagen in 2019 - SRISA Gallery, Florence, Italy in 2014, and the Walt Whitman Museum in 2011.
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