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Susan Newmark
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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
Arts Gowanus Annex

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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
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Arts Gowanus Annex
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Trained as a painter, for the past 15 years I have combined acrylic and collage to explore popular culture, nature, memory, the human body , feminism and social concerns. My work on paper and one-of-a-kind artists books can be seen on susannewmark.com. During the pandemic, I needed to use materials already in my studio and work in a small scale. I began to weave and wrap strips of paper recalling my interest in ancient architecture such as the villas of Pompeii , the mazes of Palmyra and the tiles of the Alhambra along with contemporary floor plans of apartments and homes. While the pieces are abstract, they evoke the built environment, adornments such as windows, ceilings, entryways and the decorative elements of frescos, mosaics and sculptural details. They also break the rectangle of the picture plane and extend into space. I am adding low relief elements to these woven pieces along with content about the destruction of natural resources and the importance of caring for our earth. I am also an art educator and former arts administrator both of which have greatly enriched my art making.
Mixed Media Collage
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