Full Name
Caroline Otis Heffron
Primary Picture
Studio Street Address
287 3rd Avenue
Studio Address 2
Atelier Canal - "Occupied" curated by Yvena Despagne
My paintings are combinations of bodies on display in public arenas and the material culture that surrounds them. I create conversations and questions about power dynamics, body language, memory and cultural history. The image making begins as a collage of fractured observations that result in exaggerated forms and disorienting color. The composed moment in the painting captures an unguarded gaze and gesture which bears witness to the strength and vulnerability of women and objects in condensed urban environments. The inner thoughts of women are reflected in unconscious grasping, caressing and touching within tightly cropped compositions. These bodies and hands are juxtaposed with objects that explore historical and commercial values. A dream like environment is constructed through the theatrical layering of gestures, transactions, and commodities found in public and private spaces.
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