Full Name
Colin P Strohm
Primary Picture
Studio Street Address
540 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Studio Address 2
Arts Gowanus Annex
Important in this work is a fantastical, vertiginous weightlessness at the point where the subjects begin to oscillate back and forth between thing and thinglessness, flipping between the familiar and the arcane, mundane and mysterious. These pieces are snapshots of the accretions around the human irritant in the oyster of the world. These objects are photo-based, manipulated digitally, printed, collaged, painted on, photographed, manipulated digitally, printed, collaged…within a self-contained, self-regenerating studio ecosystem. They are cannibals, ouroboroses, the production of one feeding the next, the detritus of the ‘the inextricability of human life and ecology’ fueling and burying it all. They are what I imagine we see when we die, encapsulated in our accumulations, floating through space.
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