Full Name
Fringe Salon
Primary Picture
Studio Street Address
298 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Fringe will be hosting a group show featuring contemporary artists, a debate & panel discussion by Golden Gavels, a block party with musical and dance performances and live action painting. Artists include: Kostance Patton, Amir Drop, Keiji Drysdale, Calicho, Manual Pulla, Sule, Ben Pederson, Amy Morkin, John Kaiser, Freestyle Arts, Amy Schiappa, Adam Murray, Erin Juliana, Garret Dafferner, Desiree Mervau, Phenomena Lewis, and Karlotta Freier. Music performances by John Lander and Ryan Manchester. October 16th: 4-8pm music, art, and cocktails
phone public
718) 624-8383
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