Full Name
Jaymerson Payton
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Studio Street Address
62 18th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Studio Address 2
2nd Floor.
My work is heavily influenced by life’s trials and tribulations and the vast range of possibilities experienced from one person to the next. By using both familiar and non familiar mediums I create large scale abstracted experiences to further influence how abstract contemplation can be visualized and received in the 21st century through visual arts. Within my practice I manipulate oil paint and other materials to beget a moment of inquisition. The grandeur of each piece of canvas or paper stands as an entry point where an audience can become submerged head to toe. The topics discussed in my works of art are larger than life but ironically are the pillars on which life supports itself. My work is an attempt to visualize the psychological depths of the pondering mind. Expressions shrouded in discovery, emotion, elation, depression , pride, guilt, and so forth. For these moments stand to expose the human experience in its most vulnerable state.
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