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JVA Pottery / Judi Handcrafted Jewelry
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389 Third St
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Up the stoop
I began my love affair with Pottery in the 70s and studied with various masters all around New York City. At one time I even had my pottery on display at the Brooklyn museum! I also had my own studio that I shared with two friends. Raising a family and my professional life prevented me from returning to Pottery for 30 years. I now create clay pieces at 2 studios , one in Brooklyn and one in West Palm Beach, Florida. Some of my pieces are functional, some are purely decorative. But each piece is unique and one of a kind. No two pieces are exactly the same. The functional pieces are made of high fire stoneware and some are reduction fired, and some are sort of fired. I have also began to experiment with alternative firing techniques and have created raku pottery. Some are horse hair and feather pottery, some are Sagar fired, some are pit fired and some are glazed. I love the unexpected nature of raku firing. Each time something different comes out.
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