Full Name
Karen Mainenti
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Studio Street Address
183 Lorraine Street
Studio Address 2
3rd Floor, Studio #3057. Once arriving to the third floor, follow signs to the Sweet Lorraine Gallery. Walk through the gallery and make the first right. My studio is on the right.
My work is a re-engagement of appropriated text and images from consumer products, advertising and media. By reframing these messages—often with humor—I reveal the absurdity and unnatural expectations that society has come to accept as commonplace. My new collection of collages, “The World Without Us,” reconsiders ordinary objects as relics of humanity’s time on Earth. I envision the planet after our extinction, with animals appearing to contemplate inscrutable consumer products left behind by the human race. A reflection upon a year upended by the pandemic, where nature has shown that it is simply and unmistakably in control, I consider the passion with which we undertake our consumerist behavior as we essentially destroy the planet.
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