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Kasia Zurek-Doule
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Studio Street Address
125 8th St, Brooklyn, NY
Studio Address 2
Makeville Studio
I am very interested in how clay, as a material, has motion. It is ground down in ancient times by earth and water and we humans have learned to mold it and to coax it - through manipulation and firing - into solid materials once again. Much of my earlier ceramic work focuses on motion and gesture as modes of communication. This work takes on mostly botanical and marine forms with strong color pairings. Communication is signaled through the use of what I call “fronds”, sinewy growths that are in dialogue with the viewer. In this newer body of work I am calling "Bird/Thorn/Claw", I am exploring how nature counters threats with visual markers such as beaks, thorns and claws. Through the use of color texture and ornament, I aim to question qualities of attraction and repulsion.
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