Full Name
Kate Muehlemann Cataldo
Primary Picture
Studio Street Address
62 18th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Studio Address 2
Trestle Art Space, second floor, studio 10
As a Hospice Nurse and Death Doula, I advocate and create space for the conversation around death in our death-denying culture. As an artist, I am interested in creating work that brings the subject of death, grief, and loss to the forefront, and approaching with curiosity and openness. My artwork focuses on transience, mortality, and facing death as spiritual practice. My current work is the practice of a Continuing Bonds Ritual. These rituals are ways that we can acknowledge the continuation of a bond when one person is no longer living. While death forever changes the relationship between two individuals, working to transform into something new can help to honor and explore the connection.
Oil, watercolor, mixed media
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