Full Name
Keun Young Park
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Studio Street Address
540 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
Studio Address 2
Studio #14
In my work, I reflect upon the astatic character of existence in the flow of time as well as the opposite sides of nature – negative and positive, construction and destruction, presence and absence, and life and death. I believe that everything is constantly changing, either being generated or destroyed. Presence is just a state of being and the reality of an object has ambiguity in this shifting. In my recent work, the micro-collage or paper mosaic, I capture the tremor of unstable presence. I take pictures of parts of the body or face, change the color and saturation of those images by Photoshop and print them out on paper. Then, I tear the pictures and paste them back together piece-by-piece. Through this process of breaking down photo images and recomposing them, figures have thousands of tiny particles and textures that make the images look blurry and tremulous.
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