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Technology mediates our experiences and understanding of time. Communication technologies shape our identity, pushing us along the posthuman continuum. Algorithms show us the fragility and haphazard nature of time, communication, and memory - the moments that define experience and create identity. As a new media, fiber, and installation artist, I build interactive and responsive systems, which demonstrate the gaps, and connections that technology creates. My work explores the “hidden” side of algorithms that we use everyday - social media services, ‘memories’ algorithms, and the internet. Technology can be seen as an empowering equalizer. Yet, technology is not neutral. These works expose the underworld to technologies we use daily. They are a precursor to the work that I am developing which explores biased algorithms & data discrimination that reinforces oppressive social relationships.
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    Title:Luciferins, an interactive installation, is inspired by bioluminescent marine organisms and the plethora of invisible digital network traffic of popular websites that surrounds us. Viewers are invited to walk through the felted wool fiber structures that “sense” their presence and initiate graphical animations that are projected on the structures. As a viewer lingers, graphical portals open depicting invisible network communications. Field recordings interlaced with shortwave radio recordings play in the 7-channel sound system. **This work is currently on view on Governors Island at the Harvestworks House 10A in Nolan Park.The space is open weekends 11am - 5pm through October 31st.**
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