Full Name
The Sideboard
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Studio Street Address
400 3rd Ave
Studio Address 2
Suite #1
Artist Rich Garr takes over the walls, and loft space, for an October Sideboard "residency." Garr is an interdisciplinary collage artist presenting revisionist- often surreal- versions of our shared environment. His art processes are wide-ranging, and his finished products appear in a few different forms. The most straightforward art comes out of his studio as traditional, two-dimensional collage, often comprised of found material and layered acrylic paint. He presents a more multi-sensory and interactive version of collage through community-based art walks. These performative pieces rely on shared urban exploration mainly through Gowanus, Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Lower East Side. They are marketed to the general public as “Gotham SideWalks” walking tours, and cater to both tourists and locals. Rich’s third mode of output uses site-specific history to create “Street Art History Plaques”. These wheatpasted paper memorials combine the aesthetics of typical civic plaques with the techniques and philosophies attached to graffiti and street art. You may stumble upon one in the Brooklyn streets. Even more than his other output, the aim here is to generate an unexpected impactful experience.
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