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Alise Loebelsohn
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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine St

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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine St
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My painting career has emerged from a desire to transform surfaces into a new reality. My work is about the patterns and images that randomly appear in nature, like memories that can fade but then come to the surface if something sparks a memory. I am interested in those murky areas where there are no clear truths. It is here where I try to imagine the laws of imaginary worlds and how I can make sense of the universe in which we live. I am very sensitive to how materials can be used to create pattern in new and undiscovered ways. I wish to use the two dimensional space as a way of breaking through the boundaries of time, space, perception and dimension. My paintings emerge out of the process of materials that I use. I begin the paintings by layering the surface with many layers of plaster, oil paint and resin. By layering and compressing the material, the surface builds a polished shine. The force of the compression of layers reveals a cross section of materials, as the layers in earth through the passage of time. Line and color are very important to me. I want the line to flow. The line should separate the spaces and eventually create a shape. I then think about how the color will relate to the line and the overall composition My goal is to have harmony within the surface. I hope is that the viewer will find clues to their search and leave with a feeling of hope, optimism and joy.
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