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Alise Loebelsohn
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King Killer Studios / 69 2nd Avenue

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King Killer Studios / 69 2nd Avenue
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I paint to make sense of the world, to bring to the surface, images and patterns that convey the esoteric nature of our inner lives. The brushwork and textures come from my experience working on large-scale fresco-like surfaces. There are rich, layered surfaces and dense patterns have their origins in Persian miniatures, tapestries, mosaics, stained glass, Australian dream painting, and the Viennese Successionist Movement. Layered planes, patterns and patches of dense color define the space. Softened geometrics suggest elements of nature, figures, and terrains. I use color and form to create depth and texture so that the viewer sees the work change as they move and as the light hits it, using reflective materials, such as mirrors and glitter, to contrast with the opacity of sanded plaster and oil paint. I am fortunate to have art in my life. My goal is to create images that speak a universal language, to share my joy, and bring the viewer into my world and my work.
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