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Andrew Boos
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Gowanus Creative Studios / 117 9th St
Studio #37

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Gowanus Creative Studios / 117 9th St
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Studio #37
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I am a rug maker, artist, and craftsman. My work explores the relationship between color and space, architecture and atmosphere. It's important to my practice that I work through as much of the process as possible, from building my own weaving tools, adapting and repairing my loom, to dying the yarn with natural dyes. The aspects of craft that go into every stage of the process allows me the opportunity to meditate on the value and commodification of labor, global systems of trade, and the lasting effects of exploitation colonialism on fiber arts traditions. While the work itself is influenced by geometric abstraction, brutalism, and traditional crafts, my process contextualizes the work within a larger discussion of production, consumption, and global economies.
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