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Axelle Destaing Photography
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19th Street Workspace / 93 19th St

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19th Street Workspace / 93 19th St
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Movement is at the core of many of Axelle’s images rendering them more peaceful and filling us with calm and quietude. Through the use of long exposures, intentional soft focus and low light situations, she creates deconstructed, soft and blurry images. Her photographs are distorted, shapes and colors in them are subdued and new lines and textures are created. This process of transformation strips unnecessary detail from her images and lets emerge the true beauty, spirituality and essence of what she is capturing. Ordinary landscapes and still life’s are transformed into lyrical and dreamlike images. Her clients and fans liken her to the famous impressionists we all love as her powerful photographs are able to anchor spaces and evoke deep reflective emotions. Her pictures are created with almost no digital manipulation, only the capture of natural light from locations all over the world. Axelle has also recently started mixing encaustic to them which furthermore increases their painterly look.
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1046 1631734339 Image
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