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Bonnie Ralston
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Local Office Landscape and Urban Design / 200 10th St
Makeville Studio

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Local Office Landscape and Urban Design / 200 10th St
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Makeville Studio
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I’m inspired by moments that reveal the built environment softening and giving way to time, wear, and to the natural processes that govern us all. What drives me to keep creating is the possibility of discovery—what happens after an idea/approach is pushed to the point of breaking. My ceramic work begins as simple stoneware slabs that are manipulated by hand. I leave the awkward joins, cracks, and scarring untouched—artifacts of the construction process and of the compromises made between artist and material. With paper, I explore the mark-making possibilities of found metal, experimenting with common solutions as both corrosives and catalysts. While the medium is different, the approach to creating art is the same—one of experimentation and partnership.
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