Bryon Finn

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Bryon Finn
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168 7th Street / 168 7th Street
Suite 2F

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168 7th Street / 168 7th Street
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Suite 2F
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"Layout". I am going to take this opportunity to present an immersive hanging of: working drawings, frottages, copies of copies of digitally altered screen shots, reliefs, mono prints, and so on and so forth. More often than not, my work entails abstract imagery embedded within painting / relief hybrids. My work stems from re-mixes of dislocated and repurposed documentation of previous work and re-introduced mediated states of itself. In this way I explore and work out my ambivalence towards notions of origin and indebtedness. My alternating efforts to preserve, camouflage, and extrude novel forms is a response to the pressure an image receives to produce meaning, especially in an age of hyper self-surveillance.
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