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carol adams
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8th Street Art Garage / 120 8th St
back of the space, in front of the stage

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8th Street Art Garage / 120 8th St
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back of the space, in front of the stage
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I fell in love with clay over 40 years ago and have sought refuge in it ever since. I love the texture, the malleability, the beauty of creating something out of what is essentially dirt, and above all, I love the patience it has taught me. It will not be hurried or forced. Over the past few years, I have transitioned from potter to sculptor, creating figures and busts, with a particular interest in faces, hair, the human head. I am inspired by ancient sculptures, mythology and people I see on the subway. Each piece I create has a personality and like birthing a child, I often don’t know who they will turn out to be. I have no formal art training but work at Greenwich House Pottery at 16 Jones Street in the West Village where I also take classes. I have been taught by many wonderful teachers there over the years and influenced by many fellow artists in clay. All of my work is for sale. I take Venmo contact me at: Instagram: @caroladamspotter or text to 347-232-0799
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