Carolyn Monastra

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Carolyn Monastra
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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
Trestle Art Space, 1st floor, studio #38

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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
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Trestle Art Space, 1st floor, studio #38
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Artist Statement
Artist, activist, and educator Carolyn Monastra uses photography, video and audience-engagement activities to explore the impacts of climate disruptions on the natural world. Carolyn's research-based art is driven by her deeply-felt connections to the land and a long-standing passion for visual storytelling that can engender socio-environmental change. Through her art, community presentations and workshops, Carolyn asks audiences to carefully consider their impact on the environment and to take action to protect our planet. Her current project, “Divergence of Birds” uses paper cutouts in a conceptual approach to address the threat of species extinction due to climate change. (Click on social media links below to see other work.)
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