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Demarcus McGaughey
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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
T.I. Studios Studio 6 3rd Floor

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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
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T.I. Studios Studio 6 3rd Floor
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Artist Statement
Art is a narrative. And the stories in my work reveal the resilience of my subjects. I uncover the beauty of their scars; the strength of their vulnerability; the wonderment of their excellence. As a mixed media artist, my work delivers a raw look into each individual’s soul coupled with nods to cultural influence. Each piece, a blend of my passions and real-world experiences colliding on canvas, represent my love for colors, pop art, advertising, graphic design, life coaching, and storytelling. Inspired by Barkley Hendricks, who famously captured Black people in all their coolness, I create my subjects in visions that are larger-than-life. Drawing inspiration from Andy Warhol’s esteemed artistry in pop art, I combine painting, photography, mixed media, and graphic design. This exploration of styles, techniques, and color combinations on canvas allow me to express the spectrum of moods among my subjects. I paint victorious overcomers, highlighting a thematic narrative of Black triumph over tribulation.
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