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Domenica Bucalo
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Group Show / 110 Nevins Street
Abby Goldstein Studio - 110 Nevins Street - 11217 Brooklyn, NY

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Group Show / 110 Nevins Street
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Abby Goldstein Studio - 110 Nevins Street - 11217 Brooklyn, NY
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Only Lovers Will Survive I am a visual artist who works mainly with photography, drawing, and performance as I find a remarkable interest in the intersections of visual and sound disciplines. Music plays a strong role in my research. I find it creates subliminal experiences as it reaches our deepest desires, fears, memories and profound unconscious intuition. This can become a transformative and revelatory experience. My work focuses in particular on women's identity and history. My images are acts of love toward the people around me, to the places we inhabit, to the age we have reached and the time we have used.
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