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An artwork is a way to embolden empathy with human experiences on a more universal level. My recent work addresses buoyancy, levity, themes of duality and continuity, energy, fragility, microcosm versus macrocosm, and more. Increasingly, due to the great loss and sadness in the world because of the pandemic, I strive to take artistic initiatives that may add something helpful or good to the world, whether through fundraising or spreading messages of hope, human connections, happiness, humor, or love. My work as an artist includes a significant painting practice for more than a decade, plus I've had opportunities to create public art and fundraising, community projects, writing, design, and work done in a collaborative manner. ABOUT: A veteran of NYC Parks' cutthroat holiday wreath competition, Elizabeth Meggs will be sharing at Gowanus Open Studios her progress on work inspired by being one of 20 Americans selected by NASA to observe humankind's first test of planetary defense, NASA's DART Mission spacecraft-asteroid collision, on site at Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory; as well as providing a sneak peek at her top secret illustrated book (NO PHOTOS ALLOWED, PLEASE!), along with paintings, clocks, illustration, and design work. When you visit, be prepared to also discuss roller skating, all forms of collecting, the PBS show Antiques Roadshow, altruism through art, and this years' upcoming NYC Parks' wreath competition. The earliest visitors to Meggs' studio will be served Acqua Panna (natural spring water from Tuscany) in glass bottles, novelty eyeball bubble gum, and may have a Polaroid photo portrait taken of themselves by Meggs, while supplies last. So be sure to RUN, DON'T WALK, to Studio 88 at 183 Lorraine Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231, at the TI Art Studio complex (formerly called Screwball Spaces). (ALL IMAGES AND TEXT COPYRIGHT © ELIZABETH MEGGS)
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    59 Date RecordedSeptember 24, 2023 11:06 pm Video
    CaptionVisit artist Elizabeth Meggs in her art studio in Brooklyn, New York! Here, she discusses a recent series of oil paintings. (Video by Shamell Mason)
    58 Date RecordedSeptember 24, 2023 11:05 pm Video
    Caption“FOUND & LOST” what we’ve found & lost & found & lost: time, love, hope, history, minds, umbrellas, & more A solo exhibition of art & design work by Elizabeth Meggs Artist-designed clocks, fabric, posters, prints, & more At Sweet Lorraine Gallery, 183 Lorraine Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231 (Video by Shamell Mason)
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