FOOTNOTE Project Space – Assembly Required-Unnatural Histories

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FOOTNOTE Project Space - Assembly Required-Unnatural Histories
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543 Union Street / 543 Union St
FOOTNOTE Project Space, Studio 1E

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543 Union Street / 543 Union St
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FOOTNOTE Project Space, Studio 1E
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UNNATURAL HISTORIES is a one of three exhibitions organized by ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, a collective of artists, writers, and curators who gathered during the height of the coronavirus pandemic to imagine the possibilities of mapping other futures. Through sustained conversation, exhibitions and events, AR uses the transformative power of art to engage with local communities. AR aims to reach a shared understanding through multiple perspectives told through objects, stories, and experiences, gathering and assembling diverse visions of the past, present, and future. UNNATURAL HISTORIES: What do objects tell us about the way we live and who we are? And what objects are permitted to become part of our cultural history? Unnatural Histories seeks to unearth obscured stories from the past while creating a space for new stories to be told. Artists included in the exhibition shift our gaze to see the subtle or peripheral in a new way, liberating everyday objects from their usual meanings to reveal fresh narratives. The artworks often use artifacts as talismans of meaning that enable us to reinterpret the present and reinvent the future. Integral to the exhibition are artifacts from the Hall of Gowanus, an archive related to the Gowanus Canal. While many of these items seem like detritus – a preserved clothespin, a piece of plaster, a toothbrush – each has its own story to tell. Exhibiting Artists: Diane Bertolo, Mark Brennan, Domenica Bucalo, Sasha Chavchavadze, Miska Draskoczy, Abraham Mohamed El Makawy, Catherine Shelton Jones, Christina Kelly, Rosemond S. King, Angela Kramer, Michael Lombardo, Karen Mainenti, JoAnne McFarland, Marlene Weisman, Amani Willett. Unnatural Histories Curators: Sasha Chavchavadze and Karen Mainenti
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