Heidi Yockey

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Heidi Yockey

Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St

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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President St
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Artist Statement
I paint abstracts in oil on canvas and wood panel. Originally from Wisconsin, I've lived in Brooklyn for most of my life. I paint in two studios - a small one at home in Park Slope, and a larger one at Trestle, a shared space in Sunset Park. My paintings vary in size from 12x12 inches to 60x60. I like to keep the dimensions within my own arm's reach. Each painting is underway for a long time. I come back to them intermittently, maybe for a year or two. Eventually some paintings resolve themselves and I can move on. Painting for me is not about saying, it's doing. I want the painting to make sense. Openness and uncertainty about what is wanted means each painting is different. The world of seeing is mixed up- the images we see are arbitrary, random until we organize them. Meanwhile, everything is in play.
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