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Howard M. Skrill
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Playground Brooklyn / 540 President St

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Playground Brooklyn / 540 President St
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I am an artist/educator and a long time resident of Brooklyn, NY. I started my art project, the Anna Pierrepont Series ( in 2013 very modestly, as plein-air drawings of figurative monuments mostly within walking distance from my home. The images were combined with words as pictorial essays such as Erasure ( exploring the fate of monuments and their role in the erasure of public and private memory. In summer 2020, works from the series were subject to a solo exhibition at the Fairfield Museum of Art's Bellarmine Galleries (remote because of covid) in an exhibition entitled 'Monumental Follies' []. Inevitably, the series has been drawn into this moment of epochal transformation in the landscape of memory and I abandoned plein-air drawings to create studio works on paper recounting attacks against extant monuments in reaction to the lies of identity that have resulted in the spilling of innocent blood. These latest works have recently graced the covers of a variety of magazines including Carolina Quarterly's Spring issue online and in print (
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