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Jared Deery
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Tappeto Volante / 126 13th St
Behind Tappeto Volante

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Tappeto Volante / 126 13th St
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Behind Tappeto Volante
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I’m interested in the experience of making a painting. How actions of putting down color and texture, layer upon layer, add up to a mysterious thing that is at once recognizable and obscured as an image. My paintings play with symbolic ideas of organic growth and creation that focus towards or around a source of light. Through still life and portraiture I’m looking for the phenomenological perception of forms and trying to challenge my own ideas found in the simplicity of nature and the recognizable. In this cross pollination of genres I look to find a primitive place of creation where I can connect with a form in hopes of elevating its beauty. I’m also interested in how and why these images, found in memory and made of structures, speeds and pieces that are built to create form with color are recognized at all. How do we know what we see and why do we think we see it that way? Through this structure even the most basic of recognizable images can evolve to reveal mystery. Like a journeyman or puzzle maker its that visual mystery that I try to create for myself through the making and searching.
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