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Michael Jacobson (also known as 'Grimace') combines elements of Graffiti, abstract art, and worldwide cultural influences taken in from his extensive world traveling to make up his current body of work. Grimace’s artwork has evolved over time to become Organic Living Breathing Lifeforms that have their roots in classic “fat and juicy” bubbly graffiti, but with new abstract elements mixed in. As Grimace's work evolved, abstract forms have taken over traditional letter formations to become living, breathing, organic Life Forms, growing to become live characters of their own, while lending towards traditional graffiti bubbly styles that could be seen on the street. Recent works have taken Grimace's work into the 3D form, and have included sculptures and knitted needlepoint works (photo attached) depicting Grimace's growing 'Organic Lifeforms', both of which were featured and sold at the previous Gowanus Open Studios 2022. Other recent notable projects include painting multiple commission projects in The World Trade Center, including a painting the interior and exterior of a replica subway train on the 69th floor (now Spotify’s Headquarters), painting a 75 foot-long 'retro pinball-themed' mural in The Equitable Building, painting the “Art Boat” ferry docked on 23rd St. on the East River, and painting multiple murals at the 2021 Atlantic Art Walk. More work can also be seen on Instagram @grimacenyc
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