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I’ve found in all forms that I find my way in the doing. Whether that be with food, interior spaces, concepts, dirt, clay or paint. When I lose myself in the process of creation—my intuition takes over where my thinking stops. This intuitive, tactile, and spontaneous process informs my work. Seeking freedom in my expression, I begin each work with ritual—a brief meditation, pause or even just a deep breath—asking to access my highest creativity and anyone on the other side. Canvases are often scrubbed with coffee grinds, providing a first wash of color and texture. I then activate the canvas with pencil marks made with either my non-dominant hand or my eyes closed to engage my senses and allow my subconscious to take over. Markings produce the beginnings of a map and I add color before wiping away, obliterating, revealing, and mixing; with each move influencing the next. I use highly gestural marks and brush strokes to evoke emotion, movement, and freedom in my work. This process repeats with more layers until I feel it’s ‘finished’. I add more line work when the piece is drier hoping to create additional texture and movement.
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