Sabrina Puppin

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Sabrina Puppin
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Brooklyn Art Cluster Studios / 540 President St
studio #13

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Brooklyn Art Cluster Studios / 540 President St
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studio #13
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My work is an investigation of my observation of reality and the distorted perception I have of that reality. The world as seen and known begins to dematerialize and the underlying spatial relationships disappear. I suggest that reality and perception are two sides of the same coin in the way they interweave and coexist; as perception arises uniquely for each individual who is observing part of reality. As a choreographer, I organize color’s movement within space. The space’s proportions frame the action of color in a very unique and unexpected way, amplifying or shrinking different aspect of the painting. Through the use of hyper-colorful, shining, and overwhelming abstract arrangements, I depict and investigate the distorted perception of the reality around me.
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