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Sarah E. Brook
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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine Street
Studio 3506, 3rd Floor

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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine Street
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Studio 3506, 3rd Floor
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I grew up in the Nevada desert. That spare geography offered me the now-radical opportunity to experience myself as governed by geological time/space, not sociocultural time/space. I placed my kid self in that expanse often, meeting gender and queer identities that didn’t fit within my community. Today, my sculptures and installations explore the relationship between external and internal (psychic) vastness, and how embodied expanse can dismantle limiting narratives of being. If who we feel ourselves to be in the world determines the world we see and move in, then perhaps resonant perceptual experiences can illuminate, expand and empower us. I’m particularly interested in the way perceptual experience can align marginalized identities. My pieces oscillate between objects and perceptual experimentation. I utilize translucency, layering, color gradients and architectural references to speak both to bodies in space and psyches seeking sense. I use the languages of both vastness and particularity in rhythm, often bringing text, spoken word and specific sculptural gestures into relationship with expansive abstraction. I build remote works for my own practice of healing, and public artworks to offer sites of grounding and (re)alignment to others.
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