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Seth Brody
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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine Street
Studio 33

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TI Art Studios / 183 Lorraine Street
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Studio 33
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Seth Brody is a Brooklyn-based sculptor whose work draws inspiration from the likes of Donald Judd, Richard Serra and Chris Jordan, yet it adds a uniqueness to their legacy. His primary material of choice is plywood, which he uses to both reference industrial mass production as well as draw attention to environmental inefficiency of manicuring such material from American grown trees at overseas mills leading to loss of habitat, biodiversity, and American manufacturing. Brody is interested in re-contextualizing this ubiquitous material to draw attention to common patterns that exist in the environment, whether found in nature, or human-made. His sculptures stand as both traditional forms, such as totems, and modern points of exploration, turning an otherwise plain material into an opportunity for innovative thinking.
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