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Shadia Sabagh
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487 Union Street
Brindamour Studios

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487 Union Street
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Brindamour Studios
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Shadia Sabagh is an artist originally from Colombia who currently resides in Miami, Florida. She has a deep appreciation for nature and her work primarily revolves around capturing the intricate beauty of flora and fauna. Her art is characterized by its minimal, detail-oriented approach and abstract forms. Shadia's preferred medium is a combination of acrylic markers and paints, which she uses to create stunning works of art. Her freehand technique allows her to express herself in a fluid and natural manner, resulting in unique and captivating pieces. Growing up in Colombia, Shadia was surrounded by lush vegetation and vibrant wildlife, which sparked her love for nature and art. She draws inspiration from the intricate patterns and designs found in the natural world, as well as the vibrant colors and textures of flowers, plants, and animals. In her artwork, Shadia strives to convey a sense of wonder and awe of the natural world, while also exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Through her abstract and minimalist style, she invites viewers to contemplate the beauty and fragility of the natural world and our place in it. Shadia Sabagh has exhibited her artwork in exhibitions throughout New York, Miami and the Dominican Republic - her work has been well received by both critics and collectors. She continues to explore new forms of artistic expression and is passionate about sharing her love of nature and art with others.
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