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My art speaks to the marks we all leave behind, with intention or not, the duality is both permanent and ephemeral. The work seeks to reverberate with the past, present and future; it seems to fold in on itself from time to time. Light and shadow, solid and negative, all reflect their meaning onto themselves. Each stone guides me to its voice. Some of them have more to say than others and some stones create artworks of their own. My artistic practice always starts with hand carving a stone. I worked in the funerary arts for years. The techniques I learned at work, along with my art degrees, informed my creative processes. The finished carving becomes a foundation for subsequent media. I use stone as a plate for making homemade paper, rubbings and prints. I also use stone in a photographic process I've coined "Stone Reflection Photography." The reflective qualities and textures of the stone become negatives producing analogue black and white photograms in a darkroom.
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