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Tiffany Stevens
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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President Street
Studio #5

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Brooklyn Neighborhood Arts Studios / 540 President Street
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Studio #5
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TC Stevens is a painter based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally trained as a dancer, she moved into writing and photography before finding a painting practice in her 30s. Her motivation to paint is both the universality and odd specificity of the subconscious in all its mystery. She also integrates her training as a certified hypnosis practitioner into the work. She has been trained in an alternative decolonialized femmed-based hypnosis tradition that centers the client, using rest and connection to the imagination for personal empowerment and larger social justice efforts. In her work, she explores parts of self otherwise inaccessible in rational thought. This almost always includes aspects of the natural world and/or mysticism in some form. Color is important in her work to evoke the energy and life force of the imagination. And as a way to provoke emotion. She prefers to work primarily in gouache for its proximity to water and the fluidity it has. Both the ease and difficulty of working with it keep her interested. She also uses acrylics for larger work, particularly interference acrylics that mimic the so called ‘structural color’ found in nature in creatures like hummingbirds and peacocks where the color you ‘see’ is actually microscopically structured surfaces fine enough to interfere with visible light. On the surface the work is primarily representational, but it is always a combination of things not actually found in the real world. She often employs a skewed sense of perspective and odd colors to underscore this point.
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