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Traci Johnson
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How can I create alternative ways to be seen and heard outside of the societal projection of gender? The primary focus of my work will be on building a space where I can explore my gender identity. As gender has been socially constructed so tightly in the past, it is imperative to create spaces to explore the nature of being nonbinary. Creating work to explore the nonbinary is an important starting point for understanding the ways privilege and oppression have touched me and my fellow peers. I am interested in venturing away from the familiarity of gender constructs that are put in place to keep an illusion for the world to be more comfortable. I believe that society will choose to grasp to the reality that comforts them when in fact it is my job as an artist to abandon that and deliver the message to live in true reality. I choose to create work that promotes never having to compromise with the perception of self. As my work serves as an instrument to never have to adapt to the needs and expectations of others.
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